What You Can Expect In The Separation Experience

A Divorce includes several stages and there are multiple areas of family law that ought to be addressed before it is finalized. Here is a look into what lies ahead for couples embattled in a separation.

The State of NC

The state of North Carolina is a no fault separation state which means anyone can file after living independent from their spouse for at least a year. Some couples part ways on civil terms and this can lead to a collaborative separation where terms are agreed upon without having to go through any time-consuming litigation.

Child Custody

Child custody is often a major area of debate and if a complaint for child custody is filed, a round of custody arbitration will follow. This is a way of aiming to agree on custody before the matter goes before a judge. Transitory custody can possibly be awarded while the separation proceedings continue and a judge will later have the option of making that brief order a permanent one.

Child Support

Child support payments could also be enforced during the span of time preceding the finalization of a separation. The same qualifies for alimony as a court hearing is often held to decide on those pair of matters. These orders are only brief until the separation is finalized; make sure to check with your local charlotte NC family lawyer for more information.

Equitable Distribution

Next up comes the all-important area of equitable distribution, which is a way of dividing up a couple’s possessions. For them to render a fair judgment, each spouse will be asked to complete a financial affidavit that details their properties and debts. Once all that information is gathered, another round of intervention will ensue in an effort to reach a contract before having the matter heard in front of a judge.


Intercession is a huge part of the separation experience and could save couples the time and stress of needing to go to court time and again. When no agreement may possibly be reached, the verdict is then in the hands of a judge.

Final Agreement

Despite how much couples may work together on civil terms, only a judge can finalize a separation. When it becomes finalized, parties might be held in a contempt of court if they do not comply with the exact orders of the separation.

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